Our Locoscopic Vision

To get everyone out there to spread & preserve sustainable diversity.

What is Sustainability?

All acts that support a healthy world and a happy community now and forever!

What is LOCO?

An awesome experience that benefit you, locals and the rest of the world.

Small local experiences that either

..promote diversity & uniqueness
..promote locally rooted businesses
..promote initiatives that safeguard local surroundings & healthy communities
..promote natural surroundings
..promote eco thinking & resourcefulness
..promote heritage & local character
..promote consumption without the use of material resources
..promote rural upswing
..promote solid & beneficial partnerships such as coops
..promote ideas & innovation for a sustainable future
..promote sustainable changemakers

Remember, the moment you choose to promote a locally rooted experience you will also contribute to the lives and opportunities of the local people that you meet. The people that are the true guardians of our communities and cultures.

We can choose more wisely and be responsible in whatever we do and wherever we go. We are opting for a better world, but lets face it everything cant be 100% sustainable now. It will someday, but for now we can start by stepping it up a notch and be at our best.

Think twice before listing initiatives that deal with volunteering, aid and donations. We believe in opportunities that people can make a living out of. Voluntary efforts and chronic gifts may lead to fewer job opportunities, dependency cycles and overall disempowerment. It can also do a lot of good where no other help is available.

We want people and places to connect to a diverse marketplace. Urbanization and poverty is many times a reflection of disopportunitized (new word!) market flows. Simply, the lack of access to markets. Let us change that!

This is what LocoScope and all LocoScopers out there promote. We hope that you will join us in distributing revenues towards the people that value and safeguard our global traditions, cultures, knowledge and diversity. This is the place where local goes global. This is the story of the diverse and sustainable!


Remember to travel and visit responsibly. Mainly behave as you would at home but if you still dont know what that means, please see these guidelines: http://ethicaltravelportal.com/how-to-be-a-responsible-traveller/ ??

There are initiatives out there that may boast sustainable operations, but this means nothing if the labour is made in hardship. With that said we will not support initiatives with dubious labour conditions. The work of labour unions is so important and we hope that everyone understands how precious they are.

In the case of locoscope, it is the individuals out there that are the auditors of the listed experiences. Yes you are our global eyes and ears out there! If you suspect that any of the listings are injust then please let us know.

Who are we?

We are sustainable developers that want to colorbomb the world… return the excesses to the people that truly make the best places.

What does locoscope mean (etymology)?

‘loco’ – from place to place, establish, return to proper pitch, crazy

‘scope’ – instrument for viewing, space for movement and activity

or maybe a marriage of LOCAL + ECO (or RECO & RICO) = LOCO anyone?

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